Nehru Kund in Himachal

Nehru Kund in Himachal

Called after our first Prime Minister Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru as he was fond of this place, Nehru Kund is an innate spring and is believed to possess healing qualities. The water comes out bubbling from the rocks and the source of the spring is said to be the Bhrigu Lake. The bubbling sound is musical blending the scenic panoramas of mountains with this idyllic chilly spring, certainly a must-visit location located merely 6 km from Manali.

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At a distance of 5 km from Manali Bus Stand, Nehru Kund is located on Manali – Rohtang Pass Highway. The spring is one of the most popular tourist spots in Manali. The graceful clean water spring is said to have its source at the Bhrigu Lake. The sound of the bubbling water amidst the peaceful silence of the place will play like music to your ears. The river Beas flows through it. The serenity of the place and crystal clear water of the Kund attracts the tourists who visit Manali.The best time to visit Nehru Kund is from May to October.

he spring is well located on the National highway, which leads to Leh. It must be visited by the tourists, when in Manali. The spring is a vital part of the Manali tourism. The river Beas flows through it.16 KMs from Manali, at a height of 2500 M is the wonderful Rahalla Falls.

Beyond which is the Rohtrang pass, 51 KMs from Manali. It is placed at a height of 3980 metres. The Pass was the life line for traders. It was a very important route and is still today, to the districts of Lahaul and Spiti. The pass is open to the public from the month of June till the month of November every year.

The whole of the surroundings provide a scenic beauty to the visitors at this time of the year. Ahead of the Pass are the twin peaks of Gaypen and the Sonapani Glacier. The Beas Kund is the source of the River Beas. It is a pilgrimage spot for the Hindus. It is believed that the hermit Vyas meditated here at this site. This zone is also accessible from the Rothang Pass.