Main Attraction of Dolphin World in Pattaya

Main Attraction of Dolphin World in Pattaya

Pattaya Dolphin World situated in the city of Huay-Yai in Pattaya has become one of the city’s greatest amusement venues including Coral Reef Aquarium, Fish Farm, and a research centre. This unique facility has been primarily developed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages while emphasizing the need for the conservation of dolphins and other endangered aquatic species in a safe manner.

       The major draw of the facility is undeniably it’s 45 minutes long fantastic performance by dolphins wherein they dance, juggle, paint and even play basketballs.Thinking of visiting the Pattaya Dolphin Show, here’s a selection of photos and video (see below) from the show at the Dolphin World Resort which opened in August 2011. For directions to Pattaya Dolphin World just click on the “location link” at the bottom of this post.

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The dolphinarium at Pattaya Dolphin World has tiered concrete seating, is roofed, sheltered from the sun and cooled by fans. Commentary is in both Thai and English.The dolphin show lasts about 1 hour, food and drink is available on site. The Pattaya Dolphin World brochure claims many more activities are on site, including BB gun, Airsoft gun, Children’s playground, Fishing park and water park, most of these activities will not be available until mid 2012, best to check first to avoid disappointment.

Many dolphin shows and dolphinariums claim that the dolphins used in their show are rescued dolphins, usually after the dolphin supposedly collided with a boat or becoming entangled in fishing nets.

Timings: Opens daily from 9 AM to 5 PM.