Best Attraction of Malana in himachal pradesh

Best Attraction of Malana in himachal pradesh

An ancient village lying to the northeast of the Kullu valley, Malana has always intrigued visitors from all over the world to explore its unique culture and get to know more about its lifestyle and is a common destination on places to see in Malana and around. Isolated from the outside world in the truest sense of the word, it is a place that has retained ancient values and is one of the oldest democracies in the world.

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 Unperturbed by the evils of the modern day, the people of Malana are the ones who guard their cultural with a ferocity that has earned them quite a reputation. The village has its own parliamentary system and has been following its own governance structures independent of the rest of the country. Laying in the shadow of Deotibba and Chanderkhani peaks, it is surely a place that is abundant with natural beauty. You must take a tour of Chanderkhani pass trek to view the natural beauty from the heights.

The most interesting fact about the village is that it is an economy that rests almost exclusively on the production and selling of ‘Malana Cream’ a strain of cannabis that is unique and rumored to be the purest ever! The gushes of the Malana River flow by the village, lending it an almost unearthly, ethereal beauty.

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However, be warned that the villagers are known to be wary of outsiders and do not appreciate or approve of any physical contact or even a conversation in their local language, ‘Kinashi’. The residents are believed to be the direct lineage of Alexander the Great that lends them their unique features and an aura of touch me, not purity!

Distance from Manali: 83Kms

How to get there: Follow the NH21 till Naggar and then take the Manikaran Road from Bhuntar. Most state transport buses do ply on this route but one has to trek for a couple of hours to actually reach the Malana village.

Best time to Visit: March to October

Attractions/Activities: Trekking

Type of destination: Trekking and Backpacking

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