Visit Castle in Manali Tour

Visit Castle in Manali Tour

Situated in the Naggar town amidst stunning hills, the Naggar castle is one of its most enduring monuments. Constructed of stone and wood, it as a beautiful combination of Indian and western sensibilities of architecture.  The palace that once served as a residence to Raja Sidh Singh Kullu, ahas since served the purposes of being a rest house and is now heritage hotel that is managed by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. Replete with cozy fireplaces, swirling staircases and captivating stone and woodwork that graces the outer façade. 

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Inside, you can even appreciate the magnificent art of Roerich- the famous Russian painter who came to Manali. If you want to take back some souvenirs, you can fill up your bag with wall hangings, coasters, as well as the Roerich paintings. The castle provides awe inspiring views of the Kullu Valley and rests in peaceful reverie as the holy river of Beas flows merrily by.

As a whole, Naggar Castle is a unique mansion made of wood and stone, which also houses a historic temple and an art museum. Adding to the charm of the castle is the small temple, which is situated in its courtyard, and is popular with the name Jagti Patt. Over the years of the modern era, the structure of Naggar Castle has undergone renovation, but its primary heritage design is still intact. Thus, making it a must visit place in Manali.

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