Shake Your Booty In The Full Moon Party AT Haad Rin Thailand

Shake Your Booty In The Full Moon Party AT Haad Rin Thailand

Gather your friends for a night to remember at Haad Rin’s infamous full moon party. The party takes place on the beach in Koh Phangan Island on every full moon night and it constantly vibrates with a mix of travellers from all over the world. One can definitely have the best time or moment of their life with a wide spectrum of music ranging from reggae to trance and drum to bass. A little bird told me, no glass items are used since most of the party goers prefer to dance bare but a flip flop or sneakers if worn might be of great service to your feet. The closest islands to Koh Phangan are Koh Samui and Koh Tao thus, the ferry rides remain cheaper and convenient.

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You can see local and international DJs at the many bars and stages set up on the shoreline, playing anything from dubstep to drum and bass, house to hip-hop, techno to trance and reggae to rock and pop classics. Generally speaking, the beach bars standing on the side of the beach closest to Haad Rin Town play party pop (this is also where you will find the huge flaming swing that anyone is welcome to try) and, as you walk down the beach, the music becomes heavier with more underground dance tracks and heavier bass. It is traditional to paint yourself up in neon bodypaint and there are plenty of UV strip lights around making bodies sparkle and glow through the night. The beverage of choice is, of course, the ‘bucket’. This consists of a bottle of hard liquor (usually either whiskey, vodka or local sugarcane rum like Sangsom or Hong Thong), a bottle of Red Bull and some ice, occasionally also including mixers to water it down a little. Intended for sharing, the colourful plastic buckets usually have half a dozen straws sticking out them for you and your friends to enjoy them together. They cost about 200-300 baht each and are available almost everywhere.

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Most people who go to a Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan have a great and entirely safe time, particularly if they take appropriate precautions. Generally speaking, behaving with the same caution you would exercise if you were going for a night out in your home town should be enough, though there are a few additional hazards to be aware of.

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