Visit Bangkok Canal Tour Attractions

Visit Bangkok Canal Tour Attractions

Riding a long tail boat is a bit of an adventure in itself  the distinct narrow, beautifully crafted wooden hull is powered by the famous long tail engine  basically a car engine with a propeller shaft attached. The long tails were made famous by the chase sequences in the James Bond flick The Man With The Golden Gun, and they can shift when the boatman opens up the throttle.

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To enter the longs, you pass through a lock which was build to prevent the houses along the canals flooding when the main river rises during the river season. Once through there and sometimes it can take 15 minutes of waiting or so  you enter into the network of canals proper. It’s worth having your camera ready from the start, because lining the canals are all manner of houses from the most dilapidated to the impressively grand, all cheek by jowl with one another. The canals are quite narrow only about 20 feet across  so there’s a lot to take in.

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Along the way, there are numerous temples, shrines, restaurants and schools and you’ll see the locals going about their day. There’s one enterprising lady who is a one-woman floating market, waiting in her little boat for visitors to come along to buy some trinkets. She’s very friendly and speaks excellent English. There’s also mobile food vendors, who have their charcoal grill rigged up in the boat itself and are busy cooking up delicious chicken kebabs whilst paddling around the longs with admirable dexterity. You’ll inevitably see kids messing around on the water’s edge and taking a swim  they give a cheery wave when you go by and usually try and compete over who can push the other one in the water first too.

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