Visit Swim With Sharks at Siam Ocean World in Thailand

Swim With Sharks at Siam Ocean World

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World (formerly Siam Ocean World) is located two story underneath the glitzy Siam Paragon shopping mall. It is an aquatic wonderland the size of three Olympic swimming pools full of interesting animals from the ocean deep. This underground aquarium, one of the largest in Southeast Asia, will dazzle you with innovative world-class exhibits and over 30,000 curious looking creatures from various depths and aquatic regions across the globe.

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Meet some of the world’s record holders, transported all the way from the Amazon River or the Jurassic period when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Greet the ocean’s deadliest predators in the 270-degree underwater tunnel, sneak a peek into the open ocean from a glass-bottom boat, or, if you really can’t resist, dive in and have a swim amongst the sharks and rays. For kids, a few hours spent at SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World will be as educational as it is exhilarating and memorable.

The World’s Ocean in Seven Zones

Your journey into the Big Blue begins with a prelude at the ‘Weird and Wonderful’ zone, which houses an impressive collection of rare and bizarre-looking marine creatures, such as striped frog fish, garden eel, nautiluses and gigantic spider crabs. The ‘Deep Reef’ features some of the most fascinating reef dwellers in the world; among them, bat fish, humped head Maori Wrasse and Blue Tang. Learn how sea animals survive in the ‘Living Ocean’, and take a hike in the ‘Rain Forest’ where ancient African lungfish, blind cave fish, giant water rats and otters are on display.

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Observe life on the edge in the ‘Rocky Shore’ zone, where penguins and other marine mammals learn to survive under constant change in the unpredictable environment. Stop to feel the skin of friendly starfish in a petting pond, before continuing on to the 270-degree underwater tunnel and the ‘Open Ocean’, Asia’s largest panoramic oceanarium showcasing sharks of various types – ragged-tooth, black-tipped, leopard – stingrays and giant groupers.

Just before you leave, drop by the ‘Sea Jellies’ zone and take in the theatrical display of light and musical symphony as the translucent invertebrates float about in the LED-lit tanks. Fun for the Entire Family If you expect more from your visit to an aquarium, SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World won’t disappoint you. Your choice ranges from observing the marine creatures from a glass-bottom boat and touring the ‘back of the house’ to combing the ocean floor in a diving suit and 180-degree helmet as well as diving with the predators and their prey in the ‘Open Ocean’.

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