Must Visit Cave Exploration in Thailand

Must Visit Cave Exploration in Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s most celebrated tropical destinations.  The Asian country enjoys a warm climate, is home to gorgeous clear water beaches and boasts some of the most amazing caves ever to be explored.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island making it a popular trading post for the Asian country.  The Andaman Sea borders the gorgeous island and serves as home to underwater wonders that have drawn in a huge tourist following.  Adventurers who enjoy water sports or are beginners will revel in the opportunity to dive in Phuket and explore the vast array of underwater caves surrounded by marine life and gorgeous sea creatures.

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On land, explorers will find that caves densely populate the jungle region of Thailand.  Northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Province is home to Pang Mapha District, a historic region whose caves once housed hunter gatherers.  Today expert guides are available to take adventurers into the complex labyrinth of caves and caverns. cave lodge has become a trusted resource for tourists seeking more information on caving and looking to book their excursion.

According to the Cave Lodge website the “longest and most spectacular cave systems” are in the Pang Mapha District.  Travelers will regain their sense of wonder as they experience nature first hand.  One of the caves serves as the nesting place for 300,000 swifts (aerial birds, similar to swallows) who return home each evening and present a stunning spectacle against the Thailand evening skyline.  Other caves are thousands of years old; wind, fire and the elements have laid an impression on the stunning caverns creating massive and elaborate rock formations.

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Cave exploration offers the unique experience of allowing people to step back in time; uncover past civilizations, traverse complex formations of earth and see a celebrated part of Thailand.  The Cave Lodge and caving enthusiasts treat caving with a great amount of respect and care.  The dark, moist nature of the cave lays hosts to vast wildlife including bats and fish who are surviving off a delicate ecosystem.  Additionally, the rock formations have stood the test of time but will not respond well to any amount of tampering.

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