The Beautiful Museum of Explore Kangra Fort in Himachal

The Beautiful Museum of Explore Kangra Fort in Himachal

The distance of The Kangra Fort is about 3 KM from the town and is also known as Nagarkot. The fort is steeped in rich history. The mammoth size and structure of the fort, all the more make the fort awe inspiring.

At the entrance of the fort, one will encounter a museum. This museum possesses priceless old photographs of the fort itself, preceding the dreadful earthquake of 1905. There are a few beautiful stones, carvings, idols, artefacts and sculptures.

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The climb inside the fort will lead one through seven huge doors. Along the way, one will encounter a few numbers of idols imprinted on the walls of the fort. The ramparts face the valley below. One can at once see the history of this fort come alive.

As one climbs farther through the cobbled path, visitors will be exposed to three temples, richly carved in the environs of the Lakshmi Narayan temple, then the Ambica temple and a Jain of Adi Narayan. One cannot deny the fact that the view one gets to look at the rushing streams of the Banganga and the Manji rivers, seen from the fort, is mind-blowing.It for us to know, that the Kangra Fort was the place of governance of the Katoch Raja, set up by Shusharam Chand Katoch.

It was the early capital of the Katoch sovereignty and representation of authority, placed in the Punjabi hill states. The fort of Kangra, or Nagarkot, stands as a dumb spectator to the damages caused by the victors of Mahmud of Ghazni, in the year 1009 A.D., and then came the destroyers of the emperor of Jehangir, in 1619 A.D. After that the final toll came in April 1905,when an earthquake ravaged the fort. By the way, it is surprising to note that Akbar failed to capture this fort.

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This place is known as “Purana Kangra.” The entry to this fort is by a narrow path. There several gates, christened after the conquerors, namely Jehangir and Ranjit Singh. However, during the British Raj, this was neglected. But thanks to the Archaeological Department of India, who has taken the responsibility of the fort’s maintenance. The Kangra Fort is an attraction to the wanderlust and the pilgrims.

This place is about 3 KM away from the Kangra Town and can have the services of air, the rail and the roadways.  You will find Kangra 17KM away from Dharamshala, about 220KM from Shimla and about 235KM from Chandigarh.

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