Mesmerizing Landscapes of Padum-Darchha Trek in Himachal

Mesmerizing Landscapes of Padum-Darchha Trek in Himachal

When you are trekking along the Zanskar valleys, you are actually favoring the most strenuous Himalayan adventure tour and specifically while roaming around the Darcha Padum area, which is an exotic land of ancient kingdoms, high mountain passes and mesmerizing landscapes with a wide opportunity of trekking pleasures all around the valleys.

The Darcha-Padum Trek will take the enthusiastic trekkers at the journey through Leh-Ladakh and Zanskar, once being the part of the Kingdom of Western Tibet. This is a journey back through the centuries to a time when nomads transmigrated from one pastureland to another, and traded their salt and wool barley and staples with the people of the lowlands. The people of the lowland are typically and culturally rich in the villages and seen their living life style.

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All around the Darcha Padum Trek, the trekkers will find Tibetan Buddhist lamas, cliff-side monasteries, grazing yaks and lively, traditional villages to take them at the another world all across the Ladakh & Zanskar. The routes of this trek includes the famous passes through the small Kingdom of Yulchung that continues across the Zanskar River gorges and through the canyons and spires of ‘Bear Valley’ to reach the ancient Kingdom of Zangla, the upper reaches of Zanskar. Besides, one can find the opportunity to explore white-washed villages, ruined forts and dramatically perched Gompas while the tented camping at wonderful site are eagerly waiting for the trekking freaks. The trek will be continued with the spectacular route across the west-end from Stongde Gompa to Brandy Nala. Enjoy trekking at Darcha- Padum and get the best hints of the people of Ladakh and Zanskar who are typically and culturally rich in their villages and their life-style.

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