Get Rural Experience in Klong Mahasawat in Thailand

Get Rural Experience in Klong Mahasawat in Thailand

The Agro Tourism destination to Bangkok tourism area based on community long Khlong Mahasawat, a popular canal in Nakhon Pathom. Klong Mahasawat’s rural experiences are best witnessed in the morning to avoid the scorching heat during the day.

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You can take the longtail-boats and visit the local temple-Wat Suwannarm. While you are waiting for your boat, do not miss the opportunity to feed the catfishes. Of many canal stops, the lotus farm is one of the famous where you get to see the pickers harvesting lotus pods. You also get to explore the ample guava, mangoes, pomelo, and jackfruits growing along the Klong Mahasawat banks.

The friendly villagers will take you on a boat trip in a small village to visit their orchids farms (Thailand is the world biggest orchid exporter) and lotus ponds. Later on travel by mini tractor known to the Thais as “Rod E-Taen” through greenery rice paddy fields and fruit orchards. Get some fresh air and of course taste all kinds of Thai fruits they have to offer during the season.

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