Must Visit The Natural Place of Pabbar Valley in Himachal

Must Visit The Natural Place of Pabbar Valley in Himachal

The Valley of the Pabbar river is accessed from Theog on the Hindustan Tibet Road and Rohru (131 Kms from Shimla) is its main town. It is also a good location for trout fishing, sightseeing and trekking in the area. Jubbal (31 km) is famous for its palace which is an interesting mix of European and vernacular elements and the classical temples of Hatkoti (11 km) are another major attraction.

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Pabbar Valley is ahead of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and located in the still non-touristy mountains amongst the most prosperous apple orchard belt of India, with deep forests of deodar and oak. The route for Pabbar Valley branches off the national highway NH22 (the old Hindustan-Tibet Road) from Theog, and heads towards the Pabbar Valley and beyond. Lying in the lap of virgin nature below the breathtakingly beautiful Chanshal mountain range, the Pabbar Valley is a haven for offbeat travelers and lovers of nature and adventure. At 4220 m / 13926 feet, the Chansal Pass remains open from May to October. Known after the name of its major river Pabbar with numerous tributary streams, once rich in trout fish, it stretches from the southern boundaries of the legendary land of Kinnaur to the borders of the sacred land of Uttarakhand. The Pabbar, rising high in the snow-capped mountains and fed with glacial ice, meanders its way to join the Tons at Tiuni to feed the waters of the Yamuna.

Majestic mountains, splashing streams, natural beauty of shimmering lakes and breathtaking landscapes, Pabbar valley is a paradise of travelers. This valley is known for the dynamic and adventurous tourist activities. The amazing opportunities of trekking like Kuper Valley Trekand Chanshal Trek in Pabbar valley are praise worthy.

Hatkoti, 120 km away, and Rohru, 131 km away, are the two main picturesque places on the bank of river Pabbar, known for trout fishing. Hatkoti has a splendidly built temple of Goddess Durga with green fields all round and Rohru has a typical hill town market.

There are options for Jeep Safaries and natural walks in the spectacular valley of Pabbar. The banks of Pabbar River are ideal for fishing activities including trout and Mahasheer fishing. Pabbar valley is a virgin land waiting to be explored. This valley is an ideal retreat from the busy life in the urbanized regions. If you experience a place where man and nature live as one, then come to Pabbar valley.