Real Gulf of Thailand- Koh Nang Yuan

Real Gulf of Thailand- Koh Nang Yuan

Three little pristine plot of lands connected by a massive sand strip, this straight-out-of-a fairy-tale scene is what Koh Nang Yuan is. Arrive early or stay late at the beach to steal some romantic moments.With excellent snorkelling spots in amazing coral reefs, a breathtaking viewpoint and the world’s first inter-island ziplining, this gem of an island is perfect for a day-trip.

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Koh Nang Yuan is one of the smallest islands in the southern half of the Gulf of Thailand merely more than a wafer thin beach connecting a large and small rock outcrops. The beach and setting are beautiful but the real draw for visitors is what lies below the water level.

The small island of Koh Nang Yuan has possibly the most abundant coral based marine life found in the region. The island is rightfully popular with divers and shallow water snorkelling.

it lies of the north western edge of Koh Tao but the only access is via long boat or much larger passenger ferry which brings in the day trippers from the surrounding islands. The thin beach though very narrow can handle the numbers of visitors and most of the larger groups of day trippers only stay for a couple of hours.

As an act to protect the tranquillity of the island plastic bottles have been banned and there is a 100THB access fee to the island. This fee is covered by the organised tours and it is very dubious if the money is spent on the ecosystem.

Koh Nang Yuan Island Entranc

How to reach: speed boat, Lomprayah catamaran or longtails from the west side of Koh Tao

Fees: entrance fee to the island is 100 TBH

Amenities: one resort, restaurant and beach bar

Location: Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand

Any Other Specialty: no use of plastics permitted

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