Desert Island Experience- Koh Mun Nork in Thailand

Desert Island Experience- Koh Mun Nork in Thailand

A private island beach resort that sits amidst the lush green unspoilt forests surrounded by beautiful pristine beaches is what the Koh Munnork private island resort provides. Just at a distance of three hours from Bangkok, accessible only by their private boats is located this stunning private piece of paradise. It is one of the best places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon.

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With only twenty villas on this property, the crowd is definitely refined and peaceful. Excellent knowledgeable and humble staffs always at your service, the scrumptious and delish cuisine at their restaurant, and the access to the unpolluted beaches ensure that you indeed get a heavenly experience here.

Desert island beach

This small, private island in the northern part of the Gulf of Siam is paradise found for anyone looking for a true desert island experience. The white sandy beach is surrounded by palm trees and not much else – there’s only one resort on the island. That and the 45 minute ferry from the mainland guarantee the beach will never be crowded.

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Looking for a real desert island in Thailand? Koh Mun Nork, a tiny island in the Gulf of Siam with one small resort and a beautiful beach, might just be one of the only places in the country where you’ll feel total peace and tranquility. The island is only accessible by private boat organized by the owners of the Mun Nork Island Resort (the trip takes just under an hour). Lounging salas and hammocks dot the beach and the resort itself has only a couple dozen villas, so even when it’s book solid, there’s never a crowd.

What to Expect:

Those looking for peace and quiet on a beautiful beach plus comfortable mid-range accommodations will find everything they need on Koh Mun Nork. Meals are served at set times in the morning, afternoon and evening and include mostly Thai and some Western options.
Snorkel gear and kayaks are available for rent for those who want some exercise. The island and resort are very small, so those who need lots of other people, activities and a larger selection of food may find the island boring and limiting.

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