Visit Cultural Significance Of Tsechokling Gompa In Himachal Tour

Visit Cultural Significance Of  Tsechokling Gompa In Himachal Tour

At a distance of 200 m from McLeod Ganj Bus Stand and 9 km from Dharamshala, Tsechokling Gompa, also known as Tse Chok Ling Gompa is a religious monument constructed on a steep hillside in McLeod Ganj.

Tsechokling Gompa is amongst the popular monasteries in the region and is highly regarded for its cultural significance. This peaceful Gompa was built in 1987 to replicate the original Dip Tse Chok Ling Gompa in Tibet, destroyed in the Revolution. Home to a small order of Gelukpa monks, the prayer hall enshrines a statue of Sakyamuni in a magnificent jeweled headdress.The monks who lived in the Gompa made two huge drums covered in goatskin and painted beautifully. The Gompa is famous for the fine Mandalas.

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Roll a metal prayer wheel, light a candle and make a wish at Tsechokling Gompa, a temple complex and monastery built on a steep hillside overlooking McLeod Ganj, the seat of Tibetan government in exile. Built in 1987 as a replica of a monastery destroyed in Tibet during Cultural Revolution, which was once residence of the Dalai Lamas, the monastery offers accommodation and is close to the current exiled Dalai Lama’s residence in the town. Admire a large lotus-seated Sakyamuni Buddha perched on an ornate chest and listen to prayers accompanied with sounds of cymbals, drums and Tibetan horns. Enjoy a view of Dharamsala from the balcony. Before you visit Dharamsala, use our trip planner to discover what you can do and see there.

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