Visit Beautiful Island of Aow Luek Bay in Thailand

Visit Beautiful Island of Aow Luek Bay in Thailand

Calling all coral chasers! Aow Luek Bay, located on the beautiful island of Koh Tao, is a superb place to snorkel in Thailand, known for its colourful coral reef and baby black tip reef sharks. The waters are calm and warm, creating a perfect playground for marine life, even in the shallow waters.

Aow Luek also happens to be an ideal spot to test your mettle in diving. Thank the shallow bay and sandy bottom that make it perfect for training – just make sure to exert caution and do your research beforehand as there are over 30 dive shops in Koh Tao.

Snorkel, swim, or sun yourself on the beach, at Aow Leuk Bay. On either side of the bay, boulders and reefs create underwater gardens teeming with coral, colorful fish, and even the occasional baby reef shark. As with most inshore reefs, there are countless species of marine life to be found here, ranging from the common species of Wrasses, Parrotfish, Butterflyfish and Damselfish.On the outer side of the reef is a sandy bottom with scattered rocks, on which you can find numerous species of Goby, and occasionally Barracuda, Mackerels and Trevallies.

In addition to these common inhabitants of the reef, there’s also the possibility of an encounter with less common species such as Turtles and Pipefish and Seahorses .Although it is considered an ideal site for student divers, Aow Leuk also makes for an interesting and relaxing dive for more experienced divers seeking to maximize their dive time.Went there as part of our Oxygen around the island snorkelling tour. The guide reckoned that it was the best coral on the island.

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