Visit Beautiful Beach of Thung Wua Laen in Thailand

Visit Beautiful Beach of Thung Wua Laen in Thailand

For those looking for some peace and quiet, head to Thung Wae Laen, located 13 km north of downtown Chumphon. This spot has managed to escape the mass commercialisation of so many beaches in Thailand, and remains a calm and relaxing choice for the weary traveller. There are very few foreign tourists here (they head straight to Koh Tai or Koh Phangan); it’s more a hideout just for locals.

With a focus on environmentally friendly recreation (read: no jet skis), Thung Wae Laen attracts a number of kite surfers, wind boarders, and divers to its warm waters and white sand beach. At the end of the day this is the place that you come when you want to escape the five-star resorts and take a well-deserved nap on a deserted beach.

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Thung Wua Laen will take advantage from its location with fresh air, great weather, water and plentful forest. local people bring out a very lively atmosphere, where their happiness can be ranked as the one of the best in Thailand. it’s important to note that when travelling in Thung Wua Laen and Chumphon people should preserve the existence of nature and the atmosphere, not to make adjustements leading to the destruction that occured in many parts of Thailand.

There are different ways to reach this beach from Bangkok – by car, by bus from Bangkok South Bus Terminal, by train and by Nokair arriving to Chumphon. Nokair has 2 flights per day to Chumphon , Happy Air has 1 flight per day to Chumphon. From Chumphon to Thung Wua Laen beach easy reach by yellow songthaew for 15-20 minutes and 30 Baht.
The shore around Thung Wua Len has numerous “shrimps farms” which discharge its organic contaminants into the sea. There are days when sea water looks like a broil soup. Jellyfishes sting often in the bay and sandflies sting while sitting on the beach.