Visit Beautiful Island of Ko Kradan in Thailand

Visit Beautiful Island of Ko Kradan in Thailand

If you need some downtime on your whirlwind tour of Thailand, the island of Ko Kradan in the Andaman Sea just might be the ticket. Ko Kradan is a short, narrow island that’s part of Had Chou Mai National Park.

The small island of Koh Kradan is reputed to be the one in Trang province with the most beautiful beaches. A reputation Kradan island deserves but a little bit damaged by the presence of waste at the top of the beaches far from the area where all resorts are located. Nevertheless, its scenery with turquoise waters and white sand beaches is like a postcard.

The sea on the east side is ideal for swimming. Opposite to Koh Mook island, Koh Kradan, unlike the latter, has no village or local life, There are only small resorts one after the other and a minimart (at Kradan Beach Resort) on its third owned by private owners. The rest of the island is part of Hat Chao Mai National Park. The beach with the bungalows is on the east side. There tou can watch beautiful sunrises.

Sunset Beach is a great place to go snorkeling in coral reefs that are close to shore of Sunset Beach. The island’s other main beach, Paradise, doesn’t have good snorkeling but it does have great sandy beaches for lazing on or beachcombing. It’s a great place to view other islands and the mainland.

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