Visit Largest and beautiful cave of Tham Khao Luang Cave in Thailand

Visit Largest and beautiful cave of Tham Khao Luang Cave in Thailand

Located approximately five kilometers from Khao Wang, this cave is regarded as the largest and the most beautiful cave in Phetchaburi. Apart from beautiful stalactites, the large hole on the ceiling allows the plenty of lights down to the cave floor creates the stunning scene in the cave.

Historically, Phetchaburi is a visible timeline of kingdoms that have migrated across Southeast Asia. During the 11th century the Khmer empire settled in, although their control was relatively short-lived. As Khmer power diminished, Phetchaburi became a strategic royal fort during the Thai-based Sukhothai and Ayuthaya kingdoms and in the 17th century it flourished as a trading post between Myanmar (Burma) and Ayuthaya.The town is often referred to as a ‘Living Ayuthaya’ because while the great temples of the former capital were destroyed, smaller but similar ones here live on.

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This cave also houses a Buddha image cast under the royal command of King Rama V as a dedication to King Rama III and King Rama IV. At the foot of KhaoLuang Hill, there is a large monastery locally known as Wat Tham Klaep or Wat Bun-thawi. Attractions within the compound are a large multi-purpose hall and a ordination hall laden with beautifully carved door panels.

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