Visit Best Experience of Surin in Thailand

Despite its small stature, the city of Surin surely punches above its weight when it comes to things to see and do. Breathtaking Khmer ruins dot the region and Prasat Ta Meuan is the best of the lot with its stunning dilapidated ruins threatening to be overrun by the jungle around it. The yearly Elephant Roundup is what it is primarily known for; here, elephants take to the streets and play football and act out battle reenactments among other things.

Surin has been serving Authentic Thai Cuisine since 1990 to Atlanta and the Southeast. First and second-generation customers have enjoyed our family recipes and regional dishes of Thailand.

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Our Master Thai Chefs hand select only the freshest local vegetables and meats and import select Thai spices, seasonings, noodles, nuts, rice, and authentic Thai ingredients to make your dining experience an epicurean delight. A broad spectrum of Thai Cuisine is offered on the Surin of Thailand menus and Chef Specials to meet our customer tastes, dining preferences, and dietary concerns.

The experience of Authentic Thai Cuisine is coupled with a full Sushi Bar, a knowledgeable and professional wait staff, a full Martini Menu, varied wine list, and professional bartenders. Many of our Chefs are trained by professional Sushi Chefs from Japan and find an easy transition from our fresh, select, and made to order Thai Cuisine to our fresh, select, and made to order Sushi and Sashimi.

Vigorous quality control, attention to detail, and listening to our clientele has provided our customers with a Thai experience that rewards their palate and dining enjoyment. Surin of Thailand has proven itself as an Authentic Thai Restaurant and has innovated, broadened, and evolved as our customers have continually evolved their palates, experiences, and preferences in Thai Cuisine.

Surin has been built upon our customer satisfaction and will continue to offer the best in Authentic Thai Cuisine, provide an exciting dining experience, but always demanding the freshness, consistency, and variety that our clientele expect. However, maybe the Surin Customers only return again and again for the Martinis and the made from scratch desserts you decide.

The Surin family invites you to experience our commitment to our customers, the satisfaction of the Thai Culture, and the variety of Thai Cuisine, fresh Sushi, and all the extras provided to highlight your visit.