Visit Beautiful Place of Krabi Town in Thailand

A small city in the Malay peninsula, Krabi Town is an authentic and cheap place for you to get to know the local Thai culture. Whether it is wandering around the local night markets or getting a soothing Thai massage; Krabi Town is a nice place to spend a couple of days. Most visitors, however, use it as a gateway to the incredible attractions that lie nearby.

The original population of Krabi Town is the Thai-Chinese community; however, there is a sizeable Thai-Buddhist presence, as well as the old Muslim village of Klong Hin, which is now part of the town itself. The community is a true melting pot – now including a small group of westerners, mainly teachers and retirees – and remains one of the friendliest towns in the South.

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Around eight kilometers out of town, for example, is the glittering Tiger Temple that is perched on a hilltop and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. Another fantastic site lies a short boat trip away and rock climbers flock to Rai Leh for its fantastic and unique rock formations. Stunning to behold, it’s an incredible place to visit and the site really is a natural wonder such is its beauty and magnificence.