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Excellent Job Opportunities in Dubai & Bahrain

Job hunting visa package for job seekers at affordable rates...

Golden Opportunity

Golden opportunity to candidates to fulfill your dream. Are you looking for job? Are you qualified? Are you ready to work hard? then Eizy Travel is the best choice. Candidates having relatives friends or someone whom they know but still no one to help or nobody abroad this is were Eizy Travel comes to help

Excellent Job Opportunities

in Dubai & Bahrain

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13 Years of Excellence in Service

We Eizy Travel has started this package 8 years before for deserving , ambitious ,qualified graduates who wants to go abroad but does not know what to do ,were they will stay how to get quality food in a cheaper way and obviously some one to guide were to look for job and many other basic aspects.

We Eizy Travel helps such aspiring job seekers by offering our 1 month or 3 months job hunting visa package and takes care of them as a family member!

Get Ready

Normally all qualified fresher’s and experienced candidates wants to work abroad reason is the salary which is very much higher than what they get here Eg ; if they are getting 15,000 here in gulf they can get 40,000 to 70,000 for the similar job and also facility provided by company are of international standard because mostly all are multinational company or international company

So job aspiring candidate who wish to go do not hesitate grab this opportunity and get a good job abroad because time and luck never waits for anybody: This is a great opportunity for job seekers where they have options of attending as many interviews and select the job / company of their own choice.

Dubai Visiting Visa Packages

2 Month Dubai Visa Details



1 Month Dubai Visa Details



Please read below terms and conditions:

  1. Incase if the visa is rejected by the Ministry due to applicant’s problem (due to travel ban, previous visa not cancelled etc), below mentioned amounts will be deducted and balance amount will be reimbursed.
    – Dubai 30 days Tourist: Rs. 7,000/-         – Dubai 60 days visit / tourist: Full amount.
  2. If you need accommodation and other facilities to be extended, you must inform our Dubai staff in advance (minimum 5 days before due date) and pay him the money. In case you don’t have enough cash in hand for extension, you can ask your friends / relatives to deposit or pay equivalent amount in INR here in India.
  3. Scheduled departure for above package is from Cochin, Delhi or Mumbai and travel date options will be provided by us. If the passenger insists to choose the airport and travel date of their own, additional amount might be applicable (only if the air-fare exceeds our budget / limit).
  4.  Documents will be sending for processing only after receiving above mentioned documents + amount.
  5. An official receipt will be send to u on receiving the fund in our bank.

MUSCAT @ Rs 42,999/-


QATAR @ Rs.70,000/-


BAHRAIN @ Rs.68,000/-